LUFT Air Handling Units (AHU)

LUFT "Executive" Series Air Handling Units.

LUFT "Executive" series air handling units are designed with innovative technologies and manufacturing standards, on the basis of EN 1886 Ventilation for buildings - Air handling units.

Luft_BOND Surface Coating System: In this application, all metallic surfaces coming out of metal processing machines are given a 7 stage CATAPHORETIC COATING – state-of-the-art metal coating process used worldwide - on the inside and outside, after which they are painted on the Electrostatic powder painting line within our facility. This application is the first of its kind in the Turkish HVAC industry and furnishes our products with a standard 7 YEAR CORROSION warranty.

Alternative Insulation: Luft standard cover insulation is 60 mm thick Rock wool. The air handling unit cover-frame thermal insulation and thermal bridging figures have been improved using new alternative technologies. These are VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panels) and liquid insulation with Ceramic Microspheres.

Luft_IoT: The system which allows worldwide tracking and control of our high standard products over the worldwide web, using IoT based standard GSM service providers.

Luft_WARE: Our web-based product selection and design software.