LUFT Air to Air Heat Recovery Units

LUFT (HR) Counter Flow Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery (ER) units.

LUFT (HR) counter flow Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery (ER) units are manufactured in accordance with the European Union's "ECO-DESIGN" energy criteria.

Units are manufactured for low energy expenditure and high energy efficiency in 9 models ranging from 500 to 4000 m3/h. Polypropylene (PP) based high efficiency heat exchangers are used as standard, facilitating the transfer of both Total and Sensible heat. They offer high corrosion resistance and are suitable for Hygiene applications. Fans are selected as low energy expenditure three-speed, direct driven centrifugal forward inclined blades or as Plug Fans as a standard. Motors are AC as standard, and optional high efficiency EC motors are available. Units are supplied as a complete package including G4 grade filters installed on Exhausts and fresh air intakes, double inclined drain pans, main control unit with advanced functions, and electrical panel.