BLYGOLD Corrosion Protection Systems

LUFTSIS AS is autorised Turkey partner of Nederland origined Blygold Int.

Blygold has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and applying of corrosion coating systems for heat exchangers. Blygold is the world leader brand in its own industry. The central facilities are serving to the HVAC sector with franchisor dealers and country-based Master franchisor distributors in 45 different countries, including the Netherlands. BlyGOLD Polyurethane corrosion coating system with Aluminum pigment called PoluAl XT is patented worldwide in its own name. This revolutionary product avoids capacity losses of up to 15% over time in corrosion inhibition and corrosion-related heat exchangers and metal surfaces.

ASTM B117 Neutral-Salt test strength 11.000+ hours, ASTM B287 Acid-Salt test strength 4000+ hours.
The application thickness is 25-30 microns and the UV resistance is excellent.